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Kindergarten Program

About our Kindergarten Program

  • We believe in education of the ‘Whole Child’: Social, Emotional, Physical, Intellectual
  • We support children in their individual strengths and challenge them to grow in each domain.
  • Our classroom environment fosters positive peer relationships
  • Stimulating environment encourages questions, investigation, imagination and curiosity.
  • We believe children learn best when they can direct their learning by investigating and exploring their environment.  Projects and centers are created with respect to the ideas and interests of the students.  
  • We believe children are active, ambitious, competent and curious, capable of constructing new knowledge.
  • Our Kindergarten Program is a responsive and flexible program that adheres to the school schedule and hours.
  • We base teaching practice on the Saskatchewan Kindergarten Curriculum and the Early Learning Program Guide.
  • Church/Home/School connection
  • Teachers model love and encouragement, and support each child’s individual effort.
  • Students are exposed to learning in small and large groups, as well as one-on-one learning time each week.

A typical day will include:

Carpet/Circle time – This is when we meet as a class to go through daily routines such as devotions, calendar, and weather observations. It is also a time filled with singing, stories, group interaction, reading and pre-reading activities, math skills, science, health, Bible and social concepts.  We learn through a variety of methods - singing, stories, fingerplays, role playing and conversation.

Table time – This is where we work on fine motor skills such as printing, colouring, cutting, gluing and create projects that represents the students’ learning.

Center time – This is where the real learning happens. We prepare the environment and try to keep things interesting and appealing so that the students will explore, create, discover and work together to learn … math, reading, science, health, social studies, Bible and much more!


A typical day will have lots of opportunity for interaction, language development and social skills. We learn and rely on the routines and rules and learn the importance of following directions and being good listeners.

There is always lots of fun, smiles, laughter and affirmations as well as hugs, encouragement and love.

The Kindergarten Program is based on the premise that children grow and develop to their fullest potential if given the opportunity to explore, create and problem solve with materials that are appropriate for them.